Religious Stained Glass Windows

The pioneer stained glass maker in the Philippines. The finest stained glass since 1912. FOR OVER A CENTURY, Kraut Art Glass has installed quality, artistic, custom-made and authentic stained glass windows of religious themes for Cathedrals, chapels and mausoleums in Metro Manila, all over the Philippines, around Asia and the rest of the world.

Stained glass windows by Kraut Art Glass are handcrafted by a talented pool of skilled glass artisans , following traditional techniques of proper stained glass making. All glass paintings are properly fired in a kiln-- therefore it is guaranteed that all stained glass window artworks in Cathedrals and Churches will never fade even under constant exposure to the elements.

Stained glass windows made by Kraut Art Glass stand the test of time.

All designs are custom-made. No minimum order.

Residential Stained Glass Windows

Kraut Art Glass has numerous stained glass installations for residences and commercial interiors all over the Philippines. Stained glass windows always brings light and beauty into your home. Stained glass may be applied to various parts of the house such as the main door, interior doors, stairwells, accents, dividers and wall features—making it one of the most attractive, awe-inspiring and visually-pleasing design elements of interior design.

Stained glass windows are not just another art glass panel that adorn, rather they are art pieces themselves.

All designs are custom-made. No minimum order.

Textured Architectural Glass Panels

Kraut Art Glass a wide array of Textured Architectural Glass designs that can be applied to residential interiors, commercial interiors and hotel interiors. You may choose from a selection of stock patterns, or we can develop new and unique custom-made patterns. Textured Architectural Glass panels thickness ranges from 3mm to 19mm, and may be tempered if necessary.

All designs are custom-made. No minimum order.

Paper Art Glass

Paper Art Glass panels are made from locally-made and custom-made handcrafted paper laminated between two panels of glass. There is a wide selection of paper art patterns and color finishes to choose from. This unique kind of glass art may be used in modern interiors such as glass partitions, door panels or wall finishes.

All designs are custom-made. No minimun order.

NEW item! VitroPrint Art Glass


VitroPrint Glass is also known as ceramic glass printing or ceramic frit glass. VitroPrint Glass is a type of digital large-format and direct-to-glass type of printing-- making use of ceramic colored pigments (not ink dyes and not UV ink). After the vector image or pixel-based image is printed on the glass, the glass panel is then sent to the glass tempering machine.

The process of tempering makes the glass tougher and at the same time makes the printed image adhere permanently on to the glass surface. This is what makes VitroPrint Glass a permanent form of graphic art on glass.

VitroPrint Glass panels may be used for exterior building finishes and will not fade even when exposed to the the elements.

VitroPrint Glass may also be used for all types of glass wall finishes for residential, commercial and hotel interiors.

All panels are custom-made. No minimum order.

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