Print Anything on Glass. Permanently.
VitroPrint Glass is also known as ceramic glass printing or ceramic frit glass. VitroPrint Glass is a type of digital large-format and direct-to-glass type of printing-- making use of ceramic colored pigments (not ink dyes and not UV ink). After the vector image or pixel-based image is printed on the glass, the glass panel is then sent to the glass tempering machine.
The process of tempering makes the glass tougher and at the same time makes the printed image adhere permanently on to the glass surface. This is what makes VitroPrint Glass a permanent form of graphic art on glass.
VitroPrint Glass panels may be used for exterior building finishes and will not fade even when exposed to the the elements.
VitroPrint Glass may also be used for all types of glass wall finishes for residential, commercial and hotel interiors.

All panels are custom-made. No minimum order.
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